Thursday, September 26, 2013

1,440 days in the making

4 years ago... doesn't seem that long. but that's 1440 days... a lot can happen in 1440 days, and a lot has. This day, 4 years ago, was one of the happiest days of my life... but let's be real, I had no idea what was in store. But I knew one thing, I was going to be sharing life with my best friend for the rest of my life. Sharing my life with a man who pushes me to do things that I wouldn't ordinarily try on my own, a man who encourages me to believe in myself, a man who puts his trust in God and leads me, a man who loves me for me... even when I suck! 
 I will be the first to tell you marriage hasn't been a cake walk for us. We've gone through literally hell and back in these 4 short years. We've gone through the death of our first family pet, we've gone through financial struggles, disagreements, co-living arrangements, home ownership, multiple job changes, a sleepless YEAR with our firstborn, health ups and downs, relationship battles... we've gone through some just plain ole junk. In fact I can tell you there have been several times in our relationship where many others would have thrown in the towel, checked out, and split.  But everyone has their own story, everyone has their own struggles. And I am here to say, I wouldn't trade the marriage Adam and I share for anyone elses. 
And yes, on your anniversary it's easy to say... "yay what a happy day to say I LOVE YOU to your hubby, who is the best husband on the face of the earth"... but to me, it's also a day to take a look back, and reflect on these past 4 years... to see what we've gone through, reflect on those struggles you have faced, the struggles you currently face, and know that the future will hold another handful of trials. But through it all, we've stuck together. We've grown, we've learned, we've loved. I can honestly tell you the one thing that has helped us pull through out of each bump in the road, is the fact that I have a husband who is amazing at communicating. I've never known a man who can and willingly does, communicate his way through problems. He has taught me so much through this amazing skill of his.
Because we have learned to communicate with one another (whether it be through sitting down and talking (maybe a little bit of yelling), writing each other, texting, calling, facebooking, or just learning to read each others body language)... I honestly believe we can get through anything. Sure there are times we let issues bottle up until we explode, but for the most part, I put pride in the fact that we continually strive to be better, encourage one another, and communicate often so that we can continue to become closer, stronger and a more impactful couple. 
When Adam proposed to me in November of 2008, I'll never forget some of the things he said. He told me that we were meant to do great things. That though, we may face some trials other people may not, that we would grow from those trials and would do BIG things together. To be honest, as an individual, I'm not a person who tries new things often, who makes bold statements, or goes against the grain. I am a people pleaser and a planner... I like things peaceful and in harmony. I'd rather just agree with others, or keep my mouth shut, to avoid any controversy.
But Adam has taught me to stretch myself, challenge myself, and to take a stand on things I believe in. To believe in myself, and to believe that I have something to offer this world. Adam Timothy Wallschlaeger has given me confidence. Together we were meant to do great things. And yes it's only been 4 years, and no we may not have done anything "great" to the outside eye... but we have. We have spent time learning how to LOVE each other. We have built a solid foundation, which is VITAL in a marriage. We have come up with a theme for our relationship, a statement that will forever stand as a goal in our family... and that is to
"OUTSERVE" one another. There is no greater way to love, than to put others before yourself. To go out of your way to serve your spouse, care for them before worrying about you. It's easy to say, but let me tell you... it is MUCH harder to do than you may think.. especially on those sleepless nights you lay awake with your coughing child, the times your husband gets home late from work, or the dog pees all over the floor. But those are the times that mean the most... to stop, breathe, and LOVE. Don't sweat the small stuff. (Yes adam is probably laughing as he reads this, because I totally sweat the small stuff... but i'm working on it) ;)
I am beyond thankful for the journey God has brought Adam and I through these past 1440 days. It has been difficult, it has been tough... but it has been so very rewarding. I am a more confident, joyful, caring human being with Adam by my side. And today is a day to celebrate that. I love you to the moon and back and forth Adam Timothy. Through and Through, inside and out. Thank you for loving me.