Thursday, July 14, 2011

16 weeks and counting... :)

Kelly yelled at me for not posting more on my blog... so here is a preggo update! :)
***@ 16 Weeks PREGGO***

Some stats

Size of baby: Avocado!
Maternity Clothes: Just busted out my first maternity outfits. First pair of maternity shorts, otherwise i'm living in cotton flowy skirts, and sundresses! :) comfy is key.
Gender: ????? we find out in 3 weeks! what do you think it will be?
Baby bump: starting to pop out more and more. our dear childcare children remind me of this every day.
Sleep: On average, waking up about 3-4 times a night to go potty. lovely.
Cravings: bagels and strawberry cream cheese (especially brueggers!), fruit (watermelon and grapes), and french fries. (could be worse... right?)
What i miss most: running! i know i should start back up, but the motivation to start now is NOT as easy as it sounds. Sticking to my walks for now. I also miss jeans, haven't worn a pair in probably 2 months.
Symptoms: Still tired, pee a lot, and some muscle cramps... need to stay hydrated! other than that... doing well! just excited to see the belly pop. :)
What i'm looking forward to: Our AUG. 4th ultrasound when we find out what the gender is, as well as feeling those first movements of baby w!