Friday, September 16, 2011

24 WEEKS Preggo

~ 24 weeks ~

Size of baby: getting big... between 1-2 pounds now!
Maternity Clothes: I tried following my dear SIL Kelly's advice and went with stretchy
hydraulic jeans rather than the maternity jean route... well i bought them a month ago, tried wearing them yesterday... was NOT going to happen without a belly band. so i think its time to hit the stores, i'm in full out maternity gear now. guess it's time to shop for some new fall clothes. :)

Gender: BOY! our baby Caleb is growing so fast
Baby bump: It's definitely noticeable now... :) Passed up the "girls"
Sleep: I am getting more uncomfortable these days, sleep is never uninterrupted, ah well.
Cravings: Love me some grapes and fruit as usual... nothing else out of the ordinary. bread and chocolate are still top runners. :)
What i miss most: Being fit, being able to walk fast, run and workout regularly without getting tired.
Symptoms: just an ever expanding belly! i'm feeling awesome these days! and kickin baby all the time, woohoo!
What i'm looking forward to: getting started on our nursery! :) (classic whinnie the pooh)
Sporting my new "due date postage stamp" shirt