Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pregnancy and Labor... out of my control.

The final trimester has finally hit and there is so much going on in my mind!

I can't believe we are sitting at 30 weeks pregnant right now... it all comes into perspective when i think about how my sweet little nephew Chase, my brother and SIL's first baby, came at 34 weeks... um, that's like just over 3 weeks away.
Not saying my baby will come early, but I have to be prepared right?! Basically, in my mind, its crunch time!

Trying to remain calm, cool, collected... at the same time i'm thinking holy moly... so many things we don't have yet for baby, a nursery that needs to be set up, a house that needs to be baby-proofed, research that needs to be done, plans to be set (is it sad that i'm already concerned about what we are going to do with Milly when we go into labor), budgets to be made, bags to be packed, decisions to be made (drugs/no drugs is a biggy)... the list goes on. And I can guarantee if my husband is reading this, his eyes are rolling. :)
Yes i know we have a good start on almost everything on that list, but I am a planner... NOT such an organizer, although i wish i was, but a planner. I feel the need to be in control at all times, and let's be honest... pregnancy and labor are two things that are completely OUT of our control. Sure we can prepare for certain aspects of it, but in all reality... Caleb is going to enter this world on the exact day and time that God has intended him to come. And there isn't much i can do to control the length or severity of my actual labor, so why worry about it?
Control is something that I need to completely surrender, and remind myself daily... some things are out of my control. And you know what, every time I do let go of that control, God shows up in huge ways.... what a concept.

Regardless, we are in our final 10 weeks... and after 2 childbirth classes, the excitement rises. God has blessed us with this pregnancy, and the gift of being parents is something that Adam and I look forward to and are ready to take on with open arms! :)